Introduction Dubai

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Introduction Dubai

Introduction Dubai

Humanities, geography and climate temperature:
Local is an Islamic country , the principle of respect for Islam . Although the Department of the United Arab Emirates a country ruled by law , but still implemented Shariah (Shariah), Shariah norms of human behavior and human conscience in the face of Allah , Shariah is a mandatory specification oracle cum permanence . In 2000, the Grand Duchy of拉斯凯玛邦2 from adultery cases , according to Shariah sentenced to stoning . In the Grand Duchy of smuggling or drug trafficking, punishable by death according to Shariah . Therefore, even in the more open areas of the Muslim business trip, be sure to ask the Immigration vulgar .
• Summer ( May-November ) : Average temperature: 37 to 49 degrees Celsius ,
Humidity : 85% ~ 99%
• Winter ( November to April ) : Average temperature: 16 to 29 degrees Celsius ,
Humidity : 45% ~ 70%

Respect for Muslim customs
United Arab Emirates does not welcome non- Muslims to enter the mosque , especially clothing exposed women. Sharing meals with the Muslims should avoid pork food and alcoholic beverages and try to do the left hand contact with food . Arab traditional dress when the time of purchase souvenirs should avoid casual wear in public places. Fasting month ( Muharram every year in September , according to the new moon appears prevail over the Gregorian calendar back about 10 days in advance each year , during the month of Ramadan , the day should be avoided in public places , in front of the vehicle traveling on the road and being in the Muslim fasting eating , drinking or smoking, or else be considered as not respecting Islam . female in wearing during Ramadan should be noted , to avoid revealing. schedule is part of the local people day and night reversed , during the month of Ramadan should avoid visits to Muslim countries .
Avoid talking about the religious -cum- political State Department of Archduke to the family tribe collegial (majlis) of public affairs , the entry of foreign nationals in the country should avoid comment on its political system . Emirates was a British protectorate , although the Grand Duchy of multi- nationals studying in the United Kingdom or in the United Kingdom home production , and the UK is still influential on the Grand Duchy , but should avoid comments such issues . In the Grand Duchy , especially Dubai Bang allow gatherings of believers of all religions , all faiths are respected. In contrast, the outsiders of Islam should also be respected.

Business activities Time :
Afternoon activities stagnation, Thursday and Friday a holiday due to the hot and humid summer climate , only the work of foreign public institutions to 13:00 , the general bid documents about 11:00 to 11:30 stops recipient . Private enterprise is more than 13:00 to 16:00 or 17:00 to rest, but to extend opening hours until 19 o’clock at night or 20:00 . However, more the size of a shopping center store hours have changed from 10:00 ( or 11:00 ) to 22:00 , during the holidays. Department of Muslim prayer time at noon on Friday , so the weekend was the Grand Duchy of Friday, Saturday , government agencies opening hours Sunday to Thursday 7:00 ( or 8:00 ) to 13:00 , the private sector work hours Sunday to Thursday ( or Saturday to Sunday four ) 8:30 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 19:02 hours . Banking work more time Saturday to Thursday 8:00 to 15:00 time job . As there is no consensus of the United Arab Emirates to work time , customers are advised to consult when they visit , so outsmarted time to visit .

Local primary language :
Arabic is the official language, English is widely common . Another Urdu language ( India, Pakistanis use ) and Persian ( Iranian diaspora use )

The time difference with Taiwan :
Four hours later than Taiwan (GMT + 4)

Taipei aviation contact:
There Cathay Pacific Airways (Cathy Pacific), Gulf Air (Gulf Air), Emirates Airlines (Emirates Airlines) decile via Hong Kong , and Singapore Airlines (Singaporean Airlines) flight to Dubai via Singapore .

Exchange restrictions :
1 is extremely stable in local currency , exchange offices are generally Mall , US $ 1.00 Approx against Dhs 3.65
2 no exchange controls , urban exchange center (money exchange) $ 1 about 3.65 DU convertible currency , bank approximately 3.6 Du convertible currency, Hotel Du currency exchange rate of approximately 3.5 .

A major public transportation : bus, taxi
2 Taxi : three existing companies operating in Dubai Transportation by taxi is better, jump tables pricing, car cleaner , prices are fairly reasonable. However, near to the taxi detour and deliberately cheat strangers without the change are also common.
3 hi speeding locals , especially young people and more, once the accident, only light collision , heavy car crash . Have caused considerable damage. If the car accident and there shall immediately notify the traffic police to deal with the casualties occurred , and opened a car accident , according to accident records with repair garages , where there are no police records of issued , general repair garages will not be accepted .

Law and order situation :
1 local security conditions ( including crime ) : Local comparatively good security situation , the annual crime
Rate of about 1.5% , but in recent years, due to the security of Central Asia , South Asia who reside gradual entry
Much has been better than ever , including theft , fraud is most common. Blatant robbery or
Murder occurred than those without private vehicles stolen are rarely occurs.
2 Safety precautions and common emergency telephone : Emergency telephone: 911
3 local Arabs in addition to being back precepts legal norms, as well as one in Dubai
Legal , as long as the fight must go to jail , no matter who is right.
That such a law would ensure that the fundamental law and order here ~

Car rental :
Rent, car prices : Local import tariffs low , only five percent , the prices of new cars , said Lim . Car prices : small cars a day including insurance of about 30 to $ 50 , must bring a valid international driver’s license .
Clothing apparel :
Business activities suitable to the Dress: Grand Duchy of workers or those who have a legitimate occupation , most were dressed in starched shirt ironing , only foreign workers whose work requires them to wear simple clothes, and therefore when business activities, wear appropriate clothing formal, dignified, boys should wear suit and tie , girls should wear modest dress , wearing a simple serve free because of low prices to think the impression is affected when the product offer. Women folk conservative Muslim region to be sure to avoid wearing the exposure , in the Grand Duchy , Indian traditional dress will be exposed abdomen , Filipino workers will wear personal clothing than the other scantily clad more for special industries , in strong sunshine in the Middle East , common Arab women’s body wrapped in a black veil , in order to avoid exposing the curve and underwear , seduction men. Duchy of summer heat and humidity climate , strong indoor air-conditioning , hot and cold for the skin to adapt to differences in ventilation should be wearing costumes , as against ultraviolet burns, the sun should wear light-colored eyes and wearing long-sleeved clothing . Winter desert heat quickly because , sooner or later should wear a light jacket .